декември 1, 2021
Time: 20:00
The kind of DJ other DJs will tell you about.
Alinka | Twirl
Својата кариера ја започнува во легендарниот град на house музиката Чикаго. Таму ја стартува и сопствена продукција и соработките со цела една нова генерација хаус продуценти и диџеи еволуирајќи го стилот преку, Chicago house, Detroit techno и европските жанрови карактеристични за градови како Бeрлин, Лондон и Париз. Во 2012 на една импромту средба со поранешниот член и вокалист на Hercules and Love Affair, Shaun J. Wright и се менува животот засекогаш. Alinka и Shaun се здружуваат во сопствената издавачка куќа Twirl чие прво издание ќе биде промовирано од легендарниот хаус бенд “Classic Music Co”.
Успехот на нивните изданија и извонредниот диџејски талент ќе ги донесе во најзначајните клубови во светот.
Alinka денес живее во Берлин и редовно настапува во Berghain/Panorama Bar. Нејзините ди-џеј сетови претставуваат рафинирана селекција на нова и стара и ретка хаус музика, совршено зачинета за според пригодата.
Ivana Dragsiqi |
Трпеливо и непретенциозно дојде до своето место на клупската сцена, градејќи го со својата селекција на музика која содржи современа продукција засилена со ретки електронски изданија од најразличен жанр.
Alinka | Twirl
She has a power on the decks that sets her apart from the masses, and she’s resolutely focused on her first love – House Music. Raised on Chicago’s vibrant house sound with toes dipped into Detroit Techno and Europe’s more robust approach to the genre’s coming from cities like Berlin, London and Paris, Alinka has steadily carved out her own sound both as a DJ and producer gaining support from many respected DJs and clubs on the global circuit.
In 2012, an impromptu meeting with former Hercules and Love Affair vocalist, Shaun J. Wright, changed her life forever. The pair instantly bonded over their shared love for Chicago House Music and Cajual Records, and it wasn’t long before their evolving friendship resulted in what would be the first of many musical collaborations. The pair launched their Twirl parties and label, continually strived to inspire each other both musically and spiritually and the result has been a burgeoning DJ career and an impressive back catalog of material for both of them collaboratively and individually.
Now residing in Berlin, a place where Alinka has well and truly found her feet, feels like she belongs and forever feeds her inspiration. The rising talent has become an in-demand DJ both on her home turf and across the globe. It’s clear to see that Alinka is here to stay and with the foundation of knowledge she’s acquired over the years it’s no surprise to hear her educated, emotive and entrancing DJ sets are being talked about by so many around the world.
Ivana Drasiqi |
Ivana Dragsiqi was bred on the dance floors-at-making in Skopje. Emotionally tied to the vision of Summer of love and ecstasy euphoria, but aware of the hetero-patriarchal framework of modern society and culture, she is very serious about the music coming from marginal and resilient communities. The intersectionality of dance culture is present in her Dj and radio sets. Ivana sought and found her place in the clubs unpretentiously through the years, mainly talking to her queer audience, but always happy to move all bodies. Thus, her DJ sets are comprised of fresh electro-break, acid afro, hip hop and house tracks, often mixed with undefined genres of electronic music. Ivana holds a special place on the scene as a young girl meddling in the boys’ business of djing and radio hosting.